This section is always the hardest to write about....so let me awkwardly tell you a little about myself...

My name is Elle, and I'm a Boston based illustrator, who had no idea I could draw until I sat down one day during an anxiety attack, and just started doodling, and haven't stopped since.  

"There's two things I'm madly obsessed with, and that's high heels and Didot font."

I'm also addicted to fashion, so a lot of my illustrations are fashion oriented. I love to create, design, and paint, but above all, I love helping other women style their brand, and be part of their journey to success.

When I'm not illustrating, or obsessively pinning, you'll most likely find me at my desk, drooling over the latest Harper's Bazaar issue- but not for the fashion- Instead, I love looking at their typography, design and layouts.

I originally started out as fashion blogger, who dreamed of traveling the world, attending fashion shows, having the beach as my office, and posting endless flatlays on Instagram. Granted that's not what happened, something pretty incredible did happen. I realized that my true passion was designing. Everything I have learned thus far has all been self-taught, and it's hasn't been easy.

If you are reading this, it probably means that you are wondering if I am the right person to help style and launch your brand, and let me tell you...Not only am I your girl, but I promise it will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make for your brand.

Before launching Elle P. Studio, I was just like yourself. Staying up countless nights, researching the competition, wondering how my business could succeed, so I could live out my dream of working from home. From fashion blogger, to shop owner, and now a studio, I'm bringing it back full circle helping other creative entrepreneurs build their own online brand the same way I did. Together, we will come up with a design that not only is unique, but one that will give your brand a strong identity. Together, we'll tell your story, all while sharing the same passion for success. 

Are you ready to make your brand come alive in a very creative way?

Xo, Elle