Hey guys!

So in the last few days, we've gotten numerous emails about licensing, so I figured, why not make a blog post that covers everything about our licensing? 

To keep this blog post super simple, I'm going to pretend I'm a "Sticker Shop", purchasing Elle P. Studio artwork, which may I just mention, is the highest quality and most fashion forward artwork, I have ever seen in the industry - LOL! Just kidding....No, not really though hahaha - kidding again!

Okay, so let's begin our role playing, shall we?? By the way, this will be a lengthy post because I want to cover it all, so don't say I didn't warn you!

 So, here I am, a new sticker shop, eager to start making some kits, and I just so happen to stumble upon this awesome shop called, Elle P. Studio. I see that I absolutely want to use her artwork to make my first kit ever, but MAN-oh-MAN, where do I begin??

Well first, I know one thing, and that's that I want to use one of her Elle P. Paper sets, and one of her matching clipart bundles to make my very first sticker kit....Oh! AND, I also want to use one of her "Elle P. Dolls" because darn it, they're just so cute! Okay, so that's 3 listings of artwork...Easy. Peasy. Done. Now, that we have that out of the way, let's look at what Elle P. Studio has to offer in the licensing department.... 

To make things easy, we at Elle P. Studio offer just 2 licenses:

A BASIC LICENSE  license, which allows you to use the artwork up to 350 sales , per 1 project...

And, a LARGE LICENSE, which allows you to use the artwork for up to 1,000 sales, more than 1 project.

"Okay....wait...What does she mean per project?"

In the beginning of this "Role Playing" scenario, I, as the sticker shop owner, mentioned I wanted to make my first sticker kit with the artwork I was purchasing, right? But, what if I wanted to make 2 different products...Let's say, for example, I wanted to make a second sticker kit, but in the second sticker kit, I did not want to use the "Elle P. Doll", can I still use the artwork with only having bought one basic license?? The answer to this is no, and here is why:

If you want to sell a second product/listing in your shop, then you must upgrade to a large license.

Now, some common questions I get asked are:

"What if I don't sell 350 units- What if one listing in my shop is set at a 175 quantity, and the second product is also set to a175 quantity - Can I split up a Basic license that way? 

The answer is, no


Because you are now using the artwork for more than 1 project. A Basic license covers just 1 project, -Aka. one listing in your shop that includes Elle P. Studio artwork. Doing so is almost like your using it unlimitedly. I mean could you imagine what it's like to have to track a shop's listings if they set each product listing to sell at a quantity of 5 using just a Basic license?? And just as a side note, if you think we haven't caught onto the shops that set their quantiles at 200, sell 100, then re-set to 200, you're wrong lol....

So, just to recap:

 If you buy a basic license for let's say a Elle P. Clipart bundle, then you can only sell that artwork in one listing in your shop, and set that listing's quantities to 350, ONCE. And if you exceed 350 sales, which I always hope you do! Then you can simply purchase this listing right here.

Now, I know what you're're probably wondering, "What if in my listing I offer 5 sticker sheets - Do I need a Basic license for each sheet?"

The answer is no, you do not. When you buy a Basic license, it basically means you may set your ONE product's listing quantities to 350. What your product includes, is up to you, and your business. 

"What if I purchase a Elle P. Clipart bundle - do I need a license for each object that included in that clipart bundle?" 

Imagine, if the answer was yes lol?! You don't...If a clipart bundle includes 15 objects, then you only need one license. Remember, one listing of artwork that you want to use commercially, means 1 commercial license is needed. 

Hopefully I haven't confused, and if you are confused, it's probably because you're not a sticker shop. Or, if you are a sticker shop, you're probably wondering why we have a policy like this set in place. The reason is because we have noticed some shops selling our artwork on various items, and using them repeatedly, not to mention exceeding 350 uses, and you just simply can't do that with a Basic license. That is why we have a Large license, and the option to upgrade to a Large license.. Those that are honest, and do purchase Large licensing, you obviously know just how much we appreciate you, because once and awhile, we do show our appreciation to those shops in small ways, and they all know who they are :) So I personally, thank you!

Now to the part that I hate, and the one question some wonder, but never ask...

"What will happen if I'm caught using Elle P. Studio artwork without licensing??"

Believe me when I say, on the day I get reporting back from Charlie, (The new "bad guy" lol) who checks licensing, I literally get so sad because it's crazy that this even has to be "policed". I never want to report anyone's shop to Etsy, let alone be the reason that a shop gets closed down by Etsy (and it sadly, has happened) because like myself, Etsy, doesn't not take copyright infringement too lightly.  

Now don't get me wrong, we ALL make mistakes, and I always like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. However, when you are caught using EPS artwork with out licensing or the wrong licensing, you will receive a message, along with what is owed in licensing fees. The default amount is a $100 fee per each listing of artwork you are using with out licensing. If you do not pay your licensing fees, or reply to the message within 24-48 hours, we report your shop to Etsy, and file a copyright infringement notice. If you receive multiple warnings, Etsy will unfortunately shut down your shop, so it's really important you are honest with licensing, and not just with our artwork, but with any artwork you purchase from any artist. Just like we you, we as artists work really hard, not mention, we are allowing you to use something that not only took us a really long time to create and make, but something that is legally our property. Even when you are purchasing licensing, it's important to remember that you are simply acquiring the right to just use the artwork, not own it. So, just as you'd like someone to be respectful with your products, please be respectful with ours. 

Now onto the fun stuff! I know a lot of you have noticed some new art appearing on our Instagram page, and wondering if it's going to be for sale....all I can say is that it won't be........yet :) That's all I can say about that!

As for other things coming up in 2017 - we have a WHOLE bunch of NEW stuff coming to the shop that I'm so excited to introduce, as well as some really cool announcements! I also plan on blogging a WHOLE lot more, but you guys got to tell me what type of articles you'd like to see. I know a lot of you have been requesting more videos, don't worry,  I will be posting some, including some tutorials!! The only thing that I do ask, is that if you have any personal questions concerning licensing for your shop specifically, or other shop related issues, please message us via Etsy, because that is where you will receive the quickest response. 

With that said, please let me know if you guys enjoyed this article, and if you feel like it helped clear up any questions/concerns you might have had. Also, please let me know what you'd like the next article to be about!


Elle & Charlie